Let us feed you.

While there is a new normal, for now, one thing hasn’t changed–you need food, and you need family. So we had an idea–to tackle this social distancing head on. What started as a project inspired by a longing for a connection with family, has grown—quickly.

Choose from a variety of classics and family favorites, prepped and cooked fresh, then frozen immediately for you, as single and family-style meals.

Want to send someone a meal? Or donate a meal to one of our growing list of charities? We’re taking care of each other!


Free Local Delivery


Curb-side pickup


vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options

Donate a Meal

So far, over 30,000 meals have been donated by the people of WNY for the people of WNY! We are unbelievably humbled and amazed by the support of our people. No politics. No sides. Just people, helping people.

Your donation of $10 will provide a meal to someone in need.

Single Servings

Family Style

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