*updated every 12 hours


*updated every 12 hours

Let Nani feed you.

OK, so it hasn’t really been that long. We know. Truth is, we already miss you, your laughter and your company. You see, when “O Family” became “no family,” we knew we had to do something. And Nani needed something to do! So why not let her cook for you and your family—like it was Sunday Dinner?!

Osteria 166 is taking on this social distancing thing: Sunday dinners—every night of the week. Choose from a variety of classics and family favorites.

Stock the freezer. Let us feed you. We mean Nani. We work for her.


Free Local Delivery


vegan vegetarian & gluten-free options


$15 house wines by the bottle


to locals in need
*updated every 12 hours


We support social distancing

Click for our guidelines

Covid-19 has given ALL of us challenges that we could have never imagined. Our social obligation is to practice social distancing and finding ways to continue to feed our guests in the safest way possible. We also have a responsibility to find any way possible to get our people back to work. is what we have come up with. Here is our current plan to try to keep everyone safe. We will continue to monitor local, state and federal restrictions and procedures and adapt immediately.

  • Our kitchens are, and continue to be cleaned and sanitized, as all of our brethren in the industry are doing.
  • All of our employees with be screened for fever and symptoms prior to being able to enter our facilities.
  • Anyone feeling the slightest bit sick will be excused from work.
  • Anyone who is uncomfortable coming to work will not be required to do so.
  • All food will be cooked fresh and immediately frozen, and kept frozen until it is in your possession.
  • Our prepping of your food will be done by people separated by a minimum of 6 feet, as directed. We will provide video evidence as soon as we are able. We have plenty of space in our operations and we are utilizing it.
  • You will NEVER need to come in contact with us directly.
    • You order via our website/ app
    • We produce your order and freeze immediately
    • We deliver your purchase to your location at a designated time
    • We text to confirm that you are available to receive your order (to avoid theft or contamination)
    • We leave the order on your stoop, in garage, etc, as directed by you
    • Transaction complete.

Please be safe and we will see you at Osteria , Villaggio, and Occasions Catering as soon as we can.

How it works

All food items are cooked fresh and immediately frozen for your convenience. Preparation instructions are included (so you don’t burn your meatballs). Order individual meals or pans for the family. Sending a meal to family or a friend? Leave a note when you check out and we will contact you to make delivery arrangements.

Please allow 48 hours of lead time for your order. At checkout, you will select a preferred delivery time. Your order will be delivered within a 2-hour window of this time. 

$50 minimum order (per delivery location). Delivery is FREE! We are currently delivering within a 30 mile radius of Osteria 166—166 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY and 30 mile radius of Villaggio—7 Monroe St, Ellicottville, NY!

Stock your freezer and don’t worry about your next meal!


Bolognese: Traditional lasagna with tender layers of pasta, perfectly seasoned meat, mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan cheese and our house made Bolognese sauce

Vegetarian Lasagna: Our take on traditional lasagna…for our vegetarian friends. Layers of tender pasta, Mozzarella, Ricotta and Parmesan cheeses, and a medley of fresh vegetables, with eggplant, tomato and brocollini to name a few.

Chicken Lasagna: This is our delicious vegetarian lasagna..BUT WITH BREADED CHICKEN CUTLETS!!!

Single Serving / Family Style

Options: bolognese / vegetarian / chicken


Nani’s WORLD FAMOUS meatballs!!! The foundation of our entire business! Our Beef only meatballs are made with love and include bread, egg, cheese, parsley and garlic…any more info than that.. and I would have to kill you.

Single Serving (1) / Family Style (8)

Options: gluten-free / vegetarian


We will currently only be using dry spaghetti for our services. However, we are working hard to expand our offerings to include our fresh line of pastas, and other cuts as well.

Single Serving / Family Style

Options: gluten-free


We are using our house made Sunday Sauce (offered my the quart and used on many dishes) and our House made Marinara on many of our dishes. We will also be offering our bottled

Bottle / Quart

Options: Sunday / Marinara
Both are gluten-free

Risotto Sticks

Our signature appetizer. Crispy, lightly-breaded risotto sticks with Italian sausage, Pecorino Romano, banana pepper, herbs, served with pepperoncini-infused rosé sauce.

Single Serving / Family Style


Lightly-breaded chicken or Eggplant baked with marinara sauce, Mozzarella and Parmigiano-Reggiano with spaghetti

Single Serving / Family Style

Options: Chicken / Eggplant (Vegetarian)


Our house made focaccia! If you have ever had our bread service…u know!! Served with dipping oil with crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese added.

Single Serving / Family Style

Pasta Fagioli

Auntie Kim’s specialty. Tomato-cheese broth, escarole, canellini beans.

Bottle / Quart


Cannoli Chips & Dip

Our favorite dessert..sorry zeppole, But our sweetened ricotta cheese has marscarpone, powdered sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, with a touch of honey and toss in some mini chocolate chips! Served with “cannoli” chips dusted with powdered sugar.

Single Serving / Family Style