We are closely monitoring and following the ever-changing FDA guidelines for food safety during this crisis. Please visit the FDA website for the most up-to-date answers to food safety questions.

Q. Will people that are handling my food by wearing gloves?

A. Yes. We are following all of the social distancing and safety protocols for food preparation and delivery. Gloves, hair nets, beard nets and masks are all worn by our team. We are all separated 6ft apart during preparation. Our pickup is a no-contact pickup operation where we will place the order in your trunk and you don’t even get out of your vehicle. For delivery, we will text you when we are on our way, ring your doorbell and leave the package on your porch or where directed.

Q. Can I donate more than 1 meal?
A. You can donate 1 meal or as many as you like. There are discounted prices for larger amounts of meals.
Q. Can I order some food from each of the restaurants?
A. You can order as much from any of the restaurants, however, they all need to be separate transactions. Each restaurant may have slightly different restrictions for minimums on free delivery, pickup options and other delivery features. We encourage you to read the policies from whichever restaurant you choose to order from.
Q. Are there Gluten-free options?
A. Each restaurant offers different items. Some have gluten-free options, vegan options and other allergen specific requests. We encourage you to browse the menu and see what they have to offer.
Q. How do I reheat the food?
A. Each product has reheating instructions on it. Each product is slightly different, so please refer to the heating instructions on the package.
Q. Can I reorder regularly?
A. We would love that! At this point, we don’t have the subscription order set up, but it is something we are working on for the near future.
Q. Can I send food to my mother or another family member?
A. You can and that is one of the things we encourage. You will need to put their information in the delivery instructions section of the checkout page. If you have any special instructions, please place them in the “notes” section.
Q. Can I order for same day delivery?

A. At this point, we require 48-hour advanced notice since the food is prepped and made fresh and then frozen immediately. However, if there is a unique situation, we will always try to do our best to accommodate you. Please send a note to alyssa@stockthefreezer.com