*updated every 12 hours


*updated every 12 hours

Great service and great food! I love what you’re doing and please keep up the great work!!!

When I read about this I thought - what a great idea! We placed a pretty big order to 'stock the freezer'. So glad we did! Had lasagna tonight, it was so delicious. Looking forward to the meals to come that are waiting in our freezer.

Thank you Nick and the O family. In these times of isolation you delivered some of Nani's home goodness and filled my freezer...the risotto sticks and spaghetti & meatballs were amazing... can't wait to have the other delicacies. Kudos to you for a great service in troubled times.

The food and delivery were on point Amazing I encourage everyone to order

So happy to have ordered twice now and have gotten many others to order as well. The food is amazing and so convenient. Have enjoyed many meals already and so have family & neighbors. Thank you Osteria & staff for all of your efforts, much love! I highly recommend this as the most convenient option for you.

The Osteria / Villagio Family never disappoints. Incredible food, unbelievable service and a staple in the community. Thank you so much for delivering our “stock the freezer” order. The food was excellent!

Love everything about this! Ordering was easy, menu selection was great, received a text prior to delivery, labeling and heating instructions are clear and everything was delicious! Will be ordering again!

Incredible food and idea! It is amazing what you are doing. Buffalo is very lucky to have you. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for stocking our freezer!! It was so easy to pick our meals, and have everything delivered to our doorstep in a few days. Stress-free (and delicious!) meals are priceless these days! Thank you for everything you are doing to donate meals and keep Buffalo fed. We can’t wait to come back to Osteria and Villaggio as soon as you can open again!

So convenient & so delicious!

Food was great. Nice portions and easy to heat up.

I had my meals delivered to me today. The Lemon Chicken and Market Vegetables were SO good! Thank you for doing this, I’ve been eating nothing but crap since this started, and you reminded me that you can eat for pleasure and not just to keep from being hungry. And I really appreciate having the opportunity to help by donating meals!

Oh My! Food was amazing! Delivery was exceptional

Our order was delivered in time for dinner, and it was like having a date-night at Villaggio! We will definitely order again!

Everything is delicious! The soup, dinners, and bread are all excellent quality, and very tasty. Delivery was fast and efficient. I will be ordering again soon. So happy to have such an wonderful service offered here.

Chicken lasagna is out of this world!

Delicious chicken lasagna

Everything was perfect! Easy to order, delivery was professional and right on time and food was delicious! Highly recommend.

Just had our first meal and it was spectacular. The order was delivered right on time, and the instructions made it easy to re-heat. I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks to Nick and his team for making this possible during a tough time!

To Nick and everyone at Osteria 166 and Villagio: Thank you so much for the order delivered to my remotely-located parents. They have always loved your food and this delivery was extra special during these troubled times - saving them a trip to the grocery for a few days at least and keeping them safe and fed. Continued success and safety to all! Chris Root

The best take out meal we’ve ever had! Ordering was simple. We ordered the chicken lasagna, risotto sticks, obviously the meatballs, loaf of foccia and the cannoli dip for desert! Spectacular! The only thing missing was the ambiance of eating at Osteria, and Nick and his staff waiting on us making sure we had everything we needed. Thank you Osteria family for all your service and organizing!

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