Osteria’s Chicken Cacciatore: Single Serving


Braised chicken thighs with vegetable ragu over polenta.

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chicken thighs, flour, canola oil, salt, pepper, onions, garlic, tomato, portabello mushrooms, bell peppers, plum tomato, white wine, chicken stock, butter, romano cheese, polenta, fresh basil, fresh oregano, fresh parsley, and crushed red chili flakes.

Heating Instructions

For best quality, thaw under refrigeration overnight.

  • MICROWAVE: Provided containers are microwave safe. Microwave, covered, for 4 -5 min on high, rotate half way through. CAUTION: container will be HOT- let sit for 1 min to cool. Uncover and stir continue to microwave for 1 min, or until inside reads 165º. Please be aware microwaves have different power settings- adjust your equipment.

For safety we recommend all products are reheated to an internal temperature of 165º.



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