Chirinos Whole Bean Coffee


12oz bag of Chirinos Whole Bean Coffee from Ellicottville Coffee Company. Single origin, organic, hand picked, Peruvian whole bean coffee.

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Cajamarca, Hand Picked Altitude: 1200-2200 MASL/(4000-7,000 ft) The growing altitude of these coffee farms is typically between 1200-2200 MASL/(4000-7,000 ft) The Cajamarca region is located in the Andes Mountain Range which is the longest mountain range in the world. Rich in history and Andean culture, the Chirinos district in the Cajamarca region is heralded as the one of the premiere coffee growing regions in the world. Chirinos growers use an innovative system for drying and mixing organic material to create potent natural compost. Their system is one of the best practices in compost management worldwide. Plagues and pests are controlled naturally, avoiding the need for pesticides or herbicides. Chirinos coffee beans are hand-picked by co-op members and their families who take great pride in their work.


Single origin, organic, hand picked, Peruvian whole bean coffee bags.

Preparation Instructions

Instructions are on the side of the bag and you can grind it to the consistency you prefer.



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